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BALDUR SÜSPANSİYON Staj Başvurusu – Quality Assurance and Environment Management Asst.

BALDUR SÜSPANSİYON Staj Başvurusu – Quality Assurance and Environment Management Asst. staj başvurusu, stajyer, staj ilanıdır.


Quality Management System:

  • Developing the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards;
  • Oversees the reliability of the production process, checking the traceability of the product and the correct product identification, in collaboration with production;
  • Supervises reliability of handling, storage, packaging, preservation, and delivery processes, in collaboration with logistics and production;
  • Oversees the training of the personnel in charge with the selection, and qualification of the selectors and control of their performance;
  • Oversees the processing of outgoing data from selection for internal statistics (Pareto by selection);
  • Controls with periodic audits of the registration and quality assurance documents of the production process;
  • Helps in defining the tasks of cleaning and contamination prevention within the departments, monitoring procedures of the quality system;
  • Collaborated in the drafting of the new Work Instructions and new Control Instructions with production;
  • Collaborates with the production in the activities of education, training, and periodic retraining of operators working at self-control;
  • Conducts internal audits of the system process/product in collaboration with the Group Quality Assurance Management by controlling the application of the procedures, IL and IC;
  • Manages risk assessment, definition and implementation of preventive measures and compliance to legal requirements for the safety of the work in the company
  • Participates in the DFMEA and PFMEA; and collaborates with the technical area by providing all data relating to product quality (pareto, statistics on process, samples of defects. Etc.).


Environment, Management System

  • Managing  legal permissions, licenses, expansion of facility and any other
    bureaucratic issues from the government (industry department, municipality,…etc)
  • Managing all environmental issues based on policies, objectives and procedures
  • Managing training design, training planning for risk prevention and minimization of environmental impacts in work place,
  • Proposing preventive and corrective actions for reduce any impacts (waste, accident, environmental pollution etc.) to reduce the environmental impact caused by operating activities in the industrial level.
  • Management of waste collection and storage.  To be responsible for the proper collection, storage and packaging of waste for disposal
  • Support administration about the environment, security and health management system.
  • Supporting the implementation and filing of periodic internal audits about environment, health and safety
  • Keeping updated the documentation system of the ISO 14001 standard and ensuring that all necessary documents, plans and protocols are effectively apply to relevant personnel
  • Coordinate environment on the basis of policies, objectives and established procedures.
  • Provide technical support in identifying and acquiring new machines and products to meet current regulations on safety and environmental issues
  • Ensure that new facilities or existing equipment improvements to  meet current regulations on safety and the environment, workplace risk prevention
  • Proposing an external risk prevention service and coordinating and supervising their activities.
  • Organize working groups to analyze any incidents and accidents, propose improvement actions and verify implementation.
  • Prior to preparing the training plan, working in coordination with the human resources department to perform all kinds of screening requirements for personnel training on risk prevention and minimizing environmental impacts in the workplace.


  • Specific knowledge of IATF 16949 regulations
  • A good knowledge of quality statistical techniques with a focus on techniques for use in production and for production process control and continuous improvement techniques (e.g. R% R, SPC, 6Sigma)
  • Knowledge of problem solving (8-D; 5Why, Ishikawa) and prevention (FMEA) techniques
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
  • 1 + plus years of experience in a manufacturing quality environment
  • Fluent in English

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