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Bootcamp 2021 Eteration A.Ş. İstanbul(Avr.), İstanbul(Asya)




We are one of the most innovative software solution providers in Turkey. The work we do is one of a kind and unlike any other companies in our industry. We encourage all our employees to think “outside of the box”; and give the freedom to pursue any and every avenue from which a good idea derives. If you are looking for a Technology Company with a solid development background that looks to innovate instead of following, this is definitely the place for you.

What is Eteration Bootcamp 2021?


Eteration Bootcamp is a training program that allows young programmers to develop themselves, take the opportunity to join the Eteration Family, or do an internship. In the program you will learn about agile software development and team practices, kubernetes, containers,  cloud native software,  Java, Spring, Mobile and Web development with React and VueJS and many more. Don’t worry if some of these sound strange to you;  In lectures you will learn about these technologies from the best and then put what you have learned into practice with hands-on labs and projects. An Eteration mentor will be assigned to you to make sure you get the best individual learning experience possible.


“Certificate of completion” will be given to all who have successfully completed the program.

Please check out below to apply for our program, which will take placeentirely online this year!

Upon completing the program, Eteration Bootcampers will have a chance to become a part of the Eteration team.


Ready for change? This is your chance to get started in a new career with Eteration!


Stay Home Learn How to Use Remote Development Technologies and Teamwork


Wouldn’t it be great if you could stay home where but still enjoy the latest technology  for remote development? In Eteration Bootcamp 2021, we expect you to stay home, turn on your computer, join us and meet at the latest technologies! We will show you how to make use of the latest cloud development tech right from home.


What is expected from you?

  1. Have Bachelors degree or 4th year student in Computer, Software, Electronics, Industrial, Mathematics, or an engineering program.  You do not have a degree but believe you have the goods to deliver? Still apply and show us what you can do. 

  2. We care about attendance. You will be expected to be present during the Bootcamp 2021 Program.

  3. Enthusiastic and eager to learn and improve.

  4. Self-guided and research-oriented. You must able to follow technology and literature learn and solve problems on your own

  5. Have an agile mindset, quick to adapt to constant change and be comfortable with it,

  6. A good team player,

  7. Having an excellent command of both written and spoken English will help



What you will do in Bootcamp 2021?

  • Blended learning experience where students need to dedicate at least 25 hours of study online and 10 hours of class time per week. 

  • Practice Agile methodology and learning Scrum techniques

  • Practice being a team player in a team-oriented project

  • Learn cloud, containers and microservice-based architectures

  • Learn project development and analysis techniques

  • Best web development practices

  • How to build fast, modern, dynamic and responsive web apps

  • Project development with Java, Gradle, Spring

  • Javascript, ReactJS technologies

  • Learn Kubernetes ve Cloud technologies (Azure+AWS+GKE)

  • A good opportunity to present your project with your team

  • Find the opportunity to learn from our mentors & instructors

  • Completely flexible daily schedule for labs

Başvuru Yap: https://www.kariyer.net/is-ilani/eteration-a-s-bootcamp-2021-2703174

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