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Eryiğit Tıbbi Cihazlar A.Ş Staj Başvurusu – Trainee İnternational Students

Eryiğit Tıbbi Cihazlar A.Ş Staj Başvurusu – Trainee İnternational Students staj başvurusu, stajyer, staj ilanıdır.


Eryigit Tıbbi Cihazlar A.S. is seeking trainee international graduate  students who are having career objectives in the medical equipment sector and living in Ankara.

Work Profile

Trainee international students will be employed at our international marketing department under flexible employment model and will be trained on the products and processes of our company. Then, they will take part in our international marketing and sales activities.

Candidate Profile

·        Preferably the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students of Healthcare, Engineering and Economics&Administrative Science programs,

·        Preferably proficient in a 3rd language other than native language and Turkish,

·        Experience and technical knowledge in digital marketing  will be an asset,

·        Candidates will be assessed against the criteria such as suitability of the undergraduate department, GPA level, technical skills and capacity of the department etc. 

About the Eryigit Tıbbi Cihazlar A.S

As one of the leading companies in the Turkish health sector, Eryigit Tıbbi Cihazlar A.S has been producing medical equipment for healthcare institutions since 1991.

As we are dedicated to better quality in all stages of our operations, all the products are manufactured in compliance with  ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, 97/23 Pressure Equipment Directive and 93/42 EEC Medical Device Directive to meet high expectations of our customers.

With the years of experience, we have been providing alternative solutions by designing, installing and commissioning central sterilization units for small-large scale hospitals, producing a variety of sterilization devices, disinfection devices, operating tables and equipment and oxygen generator systems in our 10.000 square-meter factory located in Ankara- Ivedik  Industrial Zone.

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