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KOSAN KOZMETİK SANAYİ VE TİC. Staj Başvurusu – Flormarhype Internship Programme – Supply Chain

KOSAN KOZMETİK SANAYİ VE TİC. Staj Başvurusu – Flormarhype Internship Programme – Supply Chain staj başvurusu, stajyer, staj ilanıdır.


In Flormar, we’re on the way we challenge the status quo by acting differently, infusing meaning and creating emotions in our work. By being part of FlormarHype Programme , you will have the opportunity to be part of this journey and make a difference.


If you’re…

A 3rd ,4th grade undergraduate student or a graduate student studying in engineering, economics or business administration  departments of universities,

Animpact maker, who choosestheway of innovationto adopt change and apply new ideas,

A real team player, who believes the team spirit to achievecommon goals,

A passionate explorer, who pushes the limits to find the best,

A dynamic decision maker, who decides quickly andacts immediately,

A guide of your own journey, who recognizes the responsibilities of what you create,

An ambitous runner, who wants to see the finishing line to haveresults,


Apply our Internship Programme for outstanding internship opportunities in Suply Chain department.


Be one of our HYPERS!

As Flormar, we adopt the principle of equal opportunity and equal behavior in education and recruitment. All applicants who applies to our job ads will be considered for employment; regardless to race, sex , color, national or social origin, ethnicity religion, age, marital status, pregnancy, disability,  sexual orientation gender expression or political opinion.

Başvuru Yap: https://www.kariyer.net/is-ilani/kosan-kozmetik-sanayi-ve-tic-a-s-flormarhype-internship-programme-supply-chain-3649283

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