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Nextinventor Software Engineer Trainee Program inventiv İstanbul(Asya)


At inventiv, we are passionate about financial technology in Turkey.  Our vision is to provide technology services in the most innovative, fastest, secure way with high-quality software techniques across the globe.  

Today, we help with over 20 years of experience, businesses who desire to create their own payment ecosystem, loyalty, and digital wallets, we bring those values without any hustle. so, they can focus on what they do best. And through our partnerships with providers such as Multinet | Up, Up Group, and GastroClub, more and more businesses are benefiting from our unique global financial products and cybersecurity services every day. 

inventiv invites highly motivated students who want to gain experience and vision in the Financial Technology business joining the Software Engineer Trainee Program.

inventiv offers a trainee program for the potentially future employees to experience being part of a leading Financial Technology Company.

We are currently looking for talented students with the below qualifications;

  •        4th year Computer Science/Computer & Software Engineering students
  •        At least able to work 3 days of week
  •        Basic knowledge of C# technology

Life at inventiv 

We remember to have fun while we are working, constantly learn from each other and know that ongoing and open communication opens every door. Would you like to join us? 

We believe that self-improvement is an essential part of us. We offer to access E-learning platforms which type of topic desire to learn. Also, you can participate in Agile Development educations/events periodically. We organize different kinds of events for self-improvement which are Medium Blog Day and Hackathons. 

We offer flexible working hours and remote working model due to pandemic.

Başvuru Yap: https://www.kariyer.net/is-ilani/inventiv-nextinventor-software-engineer-trainee-program-2769184

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