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Staj Başvurusu – Career Counselor

Staj Başvurusu – Career Counselor staj başvurusu, stajyer, staj ilanıdır.


At our university, which is among the top 3 universities in our PDC countrywide according to the independent TÜMA 2023 survey, we are recruiting “Career Consultant” candidates who provide solid support to our students in their meaningful career pursuits and support the development of an inclusive and innovative environment where our students can explore their interests and talents to become leaders of the future. we’re searching.


  • Bachelor of Arts Psychology, Counselling, with a keen interest in personality theory.
  • Coaching and/or mentoring experience and certification, showcasing commitment to helping students succeed.


  • Employ design thinking methodologies to develop innovative career development programs that resonate with our students.
  • Engaging with students, faculty, and employers effectively, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities.
  •  Inspire and motivate students to pursue their goals with confidence and determination.
  • Understanding of Generation Z’s unique characteristics and challenges to provide relevant and relatable guidance.
  • Expertise in leveraging AI technology for empowering students to make informed decisions.
  • Good Command of English


  • Drive to explore and understand the individual aspirations and interests of each individual, tailoring the counseling approach effectively.
  • Genuinely care about the well-being and success of our students, always going the extra mile to provide support and guidance.
  • Connecting with students on a deeper level, understanding their challenges and helping them overcome obstacles.

Başvuru Yap: https://www.kariyer.net/is-ilani/sektorunde-lider-firma-career-counselor-3702775

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