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TÜRKERLER İNŞAAT TURİZM MADEN.ENERJİÜR.TİC.VE SAN. Staj Başvurusu – Etlik Spv Chief Financial Officer

TÜRKERLER İNŞAAT TURİZM MADEN.ENERJİÜR.TİC.VE SAN. Staj Başvurusu – Etlik Spv Chief Financial Officer staj başvurusu, stajyer, staj ilanıdır.


We’re looking for ” “Chief Financial Officer ” for our Etlik SPV 

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with the General Manager and Board to set financial strategy for the Company,
  • Plan, implement, direct, and evaluate the organization’s fiscal function and performance,
  • Develop financial, banking and tax strategies,
  • Contribute in managing Banking/Lenders/Client/Advisors relationships and covenant compliance,
  • Enhance and/or develop, implement, and enforce policies and procedures of the organization by way of systems that will improve the overall operational and financial effectiveness of the corporation,
  • Establish credibility throughout the organization and with the Board as an effective developer of solutions to business challenges; provide technical financial advice and knowledge to others,
  • Develop organization prospects by studying economic trends; analyzing, organization operations; identifying opportunities for improvement, cost reduction and systems enhancement,
  • Manage the budgeting and payment processes,
  • Develop performance measures that support the Company’s strategic direction,
  • Lead risk management efforts by understanding and mitigating key elements of the Company’s risk profile,
  • Contribute in managing financial documentation (letters, cashflows, budgets, invoices etc.)



  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, or related field required, MBA preferred
  • 10+ years of progressively complex mid- and senior-management positions,
  • Strong leadership skills, business ethics, emotional intelligence,
  • Knowledge of compliance with GAAP and IFRS requirements,
  • Excellent verbal and written English/Turkish communication skills, including ability to effectively communicate with related parties,
  • Advanced ability to make decisions based on financial and business analytics
  • Experience with projects involving loan utilization through international financial institutions preferred,
  • PPP Project experience preferred.

Başvuru Yap: https://www.kariyer.net/is-ilani/turkerler-insaat-turizm-maden-enerjiur-tic-ve-san-etlik-spv-chief-financial-officer-3589509

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